"Fabulous, chic uncomplicated skincare with quality ingredients."



With almost 20 years in the beauty industry Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Aficionado Danielle Holder-Mondesire was on a mission to create her twist on chemical-free skin loving skincare and cosmetics.


Danielle was always obsessed with beauty and makeup as her mom would say, "from the time she took her first breath", but her infatuation with skincare was sparked during her University years working in the beauty industry where her craft as a makeup artist and as she would call it 'beauty advocate' truly took shape.


"My clients were not just introduced to makeup but they were given a skincare regime to follow designed by me to meet their unique needs. The objective was always glowing, gorgeous, healthy skin as a foundation for a flawless makeup application."


"During my years as a Makeup Artist I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with amazing clients. These clients as well as friends and family have always asked me if I was ever going to launch my own line of skincare and cosmetics. For years I had been mixing lipsticks, eyeshadows and foundations to create that perfect shade for myself and clients and creating face and body skincare concoctions with my husband to treat his severe case of eczema. I always fantasized about starting my own line, but the time wasn't right until I went on maternity leave with my first daughter and the ball got rolling. Like all new mothers my priorities and convictions changed. Using products with natural ingredients, that were ethically sourced and environmentally friendly meant a better earth for my daughter."

With a passion to make effective skin loving products, drawing inspiration from aromatherapy and traditional family recipes along with extensive testing, research, the love and support of her husband, sister and family Holdmond was born.


"I just want to make fabulous, chic uncomplicated skincare and cosmetics with quality ingredients."




We are determined to bring you and your family artisan-crafted, luxurious natural skin care, bath and body products.​ Our belief is that the best ingredients are found in nature; free from parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals. In line with this belief, we aspire to uphold diversity in our product development to meet your unique needs and create products you'll love as much as we do!"

Each product is infused with exotic blends of organic and wild-crafted oils, extracts and herbs to provide you with a rare sensory experience and undeniable skincare benefits. No matter your skin type,  your current hair and/or scalp condition, your age, gender or ethnicity, this line has something that is right for you.

To ensure a high level of product integrity and quality we handcraft our products in modest batches and when you use our beautifully hand-blended, hand-packaged products you can be confident that only the best and finest quality natural and organic ingredients are used. Our packaging is sleek and made with eco-friendly materials and we avoid unnecessary and excessive packaging i.e. putting products in boxes. We are proud that all the ingredients found in our products are pesticide and chemical fertilizer free; grown on organic farms, processed in small distilleries or ethically produced. Our products will always be:  Made with Natural Plant Based Ingredients I Petroleum Free I Paraben Free I Sulphate Free I Cruelty Free I Gluten Free I Vegan I Handmade with Love


We have worked tirelessly with manufacturers to give you highly pigmented, bold cosmetics that give you all the impact without all the junk. Our cosmetics will always be: Petroleum Free I Paraben Free I Sulphate Free I Cruelty Free I Gluten Free I Vegan 

'Thank you all so much for all your support we really hope you enjoy using Holdmond products. They are made with your family and mine in mind.'

Embrace Life Naturally