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"Uncomplicated, luxurious beauty solutions and effective skin nutrition."



Hi my Holdmond Babes it's your Bestie in Beauty Danielle and this is the origin story of Holdmond!

Once upon a time there was a natural born performer and artist (moi) and I was always obsessed with glamour and that of course, includes all things beauty. From as young as 4 years old I could be found roaming the cosmetic aisles buying makeup. By the age of 9, I was in a performing arts school, where my skills in makeup started to take shape, by high school I was a staple makeup artist in 'Glee' worthy school productions and fashion shows and by University I was actively freelancing as a Makeup Artist, running a beauty club on campus, working part-time at a high end Salon and Spa and a Skincare Expert at a well-known skincare brand. During these years I was exposed to high performing, luxury brands and became obsessed with the science of skin and beauty education. My clients were not just introduced to makeup but they were given a skincare regime to follow designed by me to meet their unique needs. The objective was always glowing, gorgeous, healthy skin as a foundation for a flawless makeup application.


During my years as a Professional Makeup Artist on set or on location I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with amazing clients. These clients as well as friends and family have always asked me if I was ever going to launch my own line of skincare and cosmetics. For years I had been mixing lipsticks, eyeshadows and foundations to create that perfect shade for myself and clients and creating face and body skincare concoctions with my husband to treat his severe case of eczema. I always fantasized about starting my own line, but the time wasn't right until I went on maternity leave with my first daughter and the ball got rolling. Like all new mothers my priorities and convictions changed. Using products with natural ingredients, that were ethically sourced and environmentally friendly meant a better earth for my daughter.

With the love and support of my husband and family, research, testing and a determination to develop uncomplicated, luxurious beauty solutions and effective skin nutrition with the best skin-loving ingredients, Holdmond the House of Clean Beauty (Skin, Baby and Cosmetics) was born.


So Beauties, there ends the Holdmond origin story and let's us all live happily ever after with glowing, radiant skin and faces always serving glam. THE BEGINNING...

xox Danielle


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